Aqua Ek 400

  • Regeneration manager
  • Manufactured to the highest industry standards
  • Exclusive Design

Description of our product:

Introducing the water rifiner aqua ek 400. Exclusive regeneration manager, product ek 400. Manufactured to the highest industry standards, only from ecoklean water systems. Introducing the water refiner aqua ek 400. State- of -the -art.

Anions resin

Hard mixture resin. It is  designed to make water reduce harmful anions such as sulphate nitrate, perchlorate and other chemicals and harmful impurities.

Cationic resin of high capacity

10 percent of crossed link resin that provides a high treatment trhough removing calcium, magnesium and hard minerals.

Quartz bed support.

Quartz increases the flow through the equipment and water treatment. It is also used as a clarifier to give water  a final processing while it protects the internal vending and the screen.

Brine tank

Adaptable with salt and potassium. This container builds brine which is used to clean anion resins and cations, through ions exchange. Warranty of useful life limitted in most of its parts.


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