Manufactured to the highest industry standards.
Kills harmful coliform and ecoli bacteria Removes sulfur (hydrogen sulfide) odors Oxidized iron, manganese for easier filtration, low cost and very effective. Coliform and ecoli bacteria, iron and sulfur are the most common elements found in extreme well water sources. While they are extremely annoying in the water and can cost you money and frustration. Iron stains are a common problem in homes today. It causes orange stains on accessories as well as dirty clothes and can sometimes have negative effects on both hair and skin. Sulfur is easily detected by the presence of a “rotten egg” odor and is sometimes associated with yellow spots. All these problems can be eliminated with the eco-pro chlorine injection oxidizing filtration system. Using proven technology The eco-pro well system includes an electronically controlled valve that automatically backflushes the system to clean media and rinse everything down the drain. The eco-pro well system puts the entire oxidation process inside one tank, keeping maintenance costs and downtime to a minimum. The eco-pro well system can remove up to 8 ppm hydrogen sulfide and up to 7 ppm iron. A daily backwash will remove accumulated iron and replenish the media bed. The regeneration process also adds a fresh air pocket to the system. Calcium and hardness can also be removed when a water purification is added.

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